Northumbrian Water Benefits from WIF Focus Group

During March a small group of suppliers took part in an evening focus group organised by the Water Industry Forum (WIF) for WIF Partner, Northumbrian Water.  The group, handpicked from the WIF membership by NWL’s  Research & Development Manager, Chris Jones, was specifically chosen to reflect the diversity of the water industry supply chain.

“We wanted to test out some new ideas around how NWL could influence the development of more innovative products and services” said Chris.  “It was therefore really important that we got the views from large tier 1 suppliers at one end of the scale, to very small the lower levels of the supply chain”.

 Chris went on to say “the output from the session was excellent.  We managed to capture not only refinements to our proposals, but also some completely new ideas around how the supply chain can be further engaged.  I think some of these ideas will be of huge benefit to NWL.”

 The session was followed by a light buffet. Arup’s Global Head of Water, Mark Fletcher, who was one of the participants, summed up the evening.: “I found this event really rewarding on a number of levels. Not only was I impressed by what NWL are trying to do, but also the fact that they are going out of their way to engage with suppliers to find out what would work, and what wouldn’t. In addition it was a rare opportunity for me to meet with suppliers from across the supply chain and to understand their challenges and aspirations”.