Ofwat Consultation on Outcomes Framework for PR19

Ofwat is asking for views on how to encourage water companies to deliver more of the outcomes, or results, customers want. These outcomes might relate to the quality and reliability of water supply, how well water companies look after their local environment, and how good their customer service is.

In the consultation launched today, Ofwat are consulting on four areas:

  • how companies’ performance commitments can be made more stretching to deliver higher service levels to customers
  • how outcome delivery incentives can be strengthened to encourage companies to deliver on their performance commitments to customers
  • how we can better reflect resilience in outcomes to ensure the interests of future customers are taken into account
  • how performance commitments can be made more transparent to make it easier for customers to hold companies to account

David Black, senior director at Ofwat, said: “By focusing on the results customers want, rather than giving companies a prescriptive list of activities, we are putting customer interests at the top of water companies’ thinking and planning. And by getting the right incentives and penalties in place, we keep their minds focused on delivering for customers."

The closing date for the consultation is 31 January 2017. Click here for link to respond.