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Ofwat's Innovation in Water Challenge opens on 18 January

The first round of the Innovation in Water Challenge (IWC) - led by water companies - will open for entries on 18 January 2021. The deadline for entries is 12 noon (GMT) on 26 February 2021.

Successful entries will receive funding of between £50k-£250k for new innovation practices in the water sector, in particular, increasing and improving collaboration and building partnerships from within and outside the water sector.

Ofwat, along with their delivery partners, will be hosting a series of online events to help potential entrants find out more about the IWC, as well as to meet other organisations and explore opportunities for partnerships.

The full application form and more details will be available from the beginning of the entry period, at which point more details of how funded entries will be monitored and processed will also be made available.

Full details of the first IWC can be found on Ofwat's website here.

A second round of the IWC is expected to open in November 2021, with more information about this round available at a later date.