The AMP Cycle - Have your Say!

Corporate membership association British Water is currently conducting an online survey which will give the UK water sector a real opportunity to speak on the issue. 

  • Whether you think the stop-start impact of the five year investment spends has a positive or negative impact on the way you do business, this is your opportunity to comment and have a real say in the process. 

  • Whether you work for a water company or a supplier, think the AMP investment cycles have a positive or negative impact, are happy to leave things as they are or want the water companies, supply chain, Government or regulators to bring about change. 

You don’t have to be a member of British Water to participate and the survey takes just a few minutes to complete. Click here to take the survey.

The other opportunity to find out about how the water companies and their suppliers view the impact of the AMP Cycle and what can be done to reduce that impact is the joint conference being held by British Water in collaboration with Water UK on 23rd February in London.

AMP5 spend is a major issue for both the utility companies and their suppliers alike - so the upcoming AMP Cycle Summit looks set to be a key event for 2012. 

The Summit will look at how the water companies and the supply chain can work together to apply the brake to the ongoing “boom and bust” expenditure profile that goes with each new 5 year AMP programme. Click here to register.