UK Water Partnership Launches

The 26th February will see the formal launch of the new ‘UK Water Partnership’ (UKWP).  Born out of the recommendations in the UKWRIP report ‘HTechO Tapping the Potential: A Fresh Vision for UK Water Technology’, this new private-public partnership brings together UK business, research and policy stakeholders with an interest in water.

UKWP’s overall aim is to unlock a $500bn global water market and to tackle water security issues though a strategic approach to research, innovation and global clients.

The new organisation brings together the two key current national initiatives.  The UK Water Research and Innovation Partnership (UKWRIP) and the Water Sector Innovation Leadership Group (WSILG) will merge into UKWP under the leadership of the newly appointed chair Lord Chris Smith, former cabinet minister and Chair of the Environment Agency.

For more information about UKWP, please see their new brochure:  UK Water Partnership: A strategic vision for innovation and growth