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Unlock the commercial value of your intellectual property

The Environmental Sustainability KTN is looking for 50 innovative businesses to take part in a pilot project designed to unlock the commercial value of intellectual property (IP) and accelerate the process of identifying collaborative and new funding opportunities for participating Members.

IP is the currency of the knowledge economy, but until you have defined all your intellectual assets, you can’t trade with them, or use them as a basis for forming partnerships or negotiating funding. The ESKTN is using the Inngot new classification system as a tool to investigate how we can help you leverage your knowledge and capabilities more effectively.

Participating members will obtain a confidential indicative valuation of the IP and other intangible assets they hold, using a methodology developed with specialist input from leading business advisers Grant Thornton UK LLP

Running over an intensive three-month period, the project involves assisted registration of Members’ intellectual assets on the Inngot database, support from the ESKTN team to broker opportunities identified for collaboration both within and outside the participant group and where applicable, and support to realise asset value through licensing or fundraising

Throughout the pilot period, registered participants will be able to make unlimited FREE searches of the Inngot innovation showcase, a valuable resource to identify complementary capabilities in other like-minded innovative businesses

There will be a small charge to participants, made up of an Inngot subscription (£35) and the indicative IP valuation, which been reduced to £97.50 per company (a 50% discount). All other services are being provided free of charge, including company and IP registration and unlimited system searches during the pilot period. 

Participation cost for the first 50 applicants: £135 (usual price £300) 

For further details please click here – registration closes 11th June 2010