Send us your smartphone apps

Apps (software applications designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices), are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives.  They are now also beginning to make their presence felt in the water industry.

In response to requests for a "central list" of water industry apps, the Water Industry Forum is proposing to set up a trial on its website to list all known "water" apps.

If you have a relevant app which performs, or is part of, a water or waste water product or service, then please let  us know - see details at bottom of page. 

The following are a selection of apps currently available to download.


   Want to know the latest weather forecasts from the Met Office? Now available in

   the palm of your hand with this new weather app for Android, iPhone and Kindle.


   Beach Selecta is a location intelligent way to find out the water quality for nearly

   500 designated bathing water beaches in England and Wales.


   This mobile app can help you report leaks and stay in touch. The mapping function

   can help you pinpoint the leak and upload a picture so an incident can be dealth with.   


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