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Water Industry Forum in proposed merger with British Water

During 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, the Boards of British Water and the Water Industry Forum have been exploring the potential benefits of a merger of our two organisations.

After detailed discussions, investigations and due diligence, we have jointly concluded that the case for us to join forces is compelling, with advantages for all our members and the UK water sector as a whole, and therefore we are recommending that we move forward together in 2021.

The purposes and activities of British Water and the Water Industry Forum are complementary and mutually supportive. By joining forces, we believe we can deliver enhanced value for our members and respond most effectively and efficiently to the unique challenges facing the UK water sector, Government and wider society – and the many opportunities these challenges present.

Importantly, the proposed operating model and governance framework includes safeguards to preserve the Water Industry Forum’s integrity and independence, enabling it to maintain the trust and respect that it enjoys throughout the sector.

We have sent a summary document to all members explaining the background, rationale and key benefits we see resulting from the proposed merger, as well as a mechanism for to provide feedback about these proposals. This document is also available using the link below.

Naturally, the views of our members are paramount and so, please take a look at this document and provide any comments or feedback that you may have, by 21 June 2021. There will be a further update for members again once we have received and assessed the feedback provided.

In the meantime, if you have any additional questions about this proposal, please email mergerenquiries@waterindustryforum.com and we will respond.