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Water sector unveils record £50+ billion investment programme

Water companies have set out plans to cut bills for customers in England and Wales whilst delivering a £50+ billion investment programme.  In the plans submitted to the regulator Ofwat for the five years between 2020-2025, Severn Trent and United Utilities propose to cut the average bill by 5% and 10.5% respectively whilst Thames Water said bills would be unchanged.  South West Water has said it would offer customers a stake in the business.  (More information can be found here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45394226)


At the same time the water companies’ trade body, Water UK, has published ‘A Manifesto for Water’ which summarises the companies’ plans for major investment in services, a significant cut in leakage, an overall real-term reduction in bills, and a big increase in help for people who struggle to pay.  It also includes a new programme for helping the environment which will see 8000 kilometres of rivers cleaned and improved.  (More details from the manifesto can be found here:  https://www.waterbriefing.org/home/company-news/item/15414-water-sector-unveils-record-%C2%A350-billion-plus-5-year-investment-programme.  The manifesto itself can be downloaded here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/24hj1w0aoisnykq/Water%20Manifesto%202018.PDF?dl=0.)