What can we learn from Germany?

How can we both drive more innovation in the UK water sector and maximise the export potential of the resulting innovative goods and services?  One place which could offer some real answers is the German Water Partnership (GWP) - which is why Peter Drake (Water Industry Forum CEO) recently spent some time with GWP board members in Munich.

The German Water Partnership is a strong network of private and public companies, research institutes, associations and institutions of the German water industry. But possibly the most interesting aspect of the GWP is that it was founded in April 2008 with the combined (and ongoing) support of four federal ministries and the German foreign office!

“I got a real sense of the whole of the German water sector and the German government pointing in the same direction, or as they put it ‘The fundamental aim of the German Water Partnership is to make the outstanding German engineering, know-how and experience in the water sector easily available to partners and clients all over the world.’”

Amongst a number of roles, the GWP offers customers and decision makers around the world 'direct access to German competence and experience in the water industry.  It offers a centralized information portal and co-ordination centre that provides customized solutions and qualified, effective service benefits to international customers, with “Made in Germany” expertise.'

Following his visit, Peter is now actively consulting with other key UK water industry personnel on how the industry could learn from their German counterparts.

More information on the GWP can be found here:
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