WIF announces new wider focus

Over the last two years the Water Industry Forum has since been particularly successful in helping to tackle some of the challenges faced by water companies and their Tier 1 framework suppliers.  It has done this by designing and delivering events for water companies that engaged with the supply chain. 

Based on this success and feedback from water companies and their partners, we are today announcing a revised business model for WIF where the water companies and their strategic Tier 1 suppliers are placed at the centre of our membership network as WIF “partners”.  “I believe that this represents a major opportunity to drive the innovation agenda to tackle some of the major problems faced by the industry” said Peter Drake, WIF Chief Executive.

“We will do this by using the knowledge, experience and engagement of WIF’s extensive network of industry suppliers and other stakeholders.  This in turn creates opportunities for WIF’s members to grow and exploit the solutions to these challenges in both UK and overseas markets.”

Going forward, WIF’s aim is to:

1. understand the specific needs of water companies, their tier 1 framework partners and other key industry stakeholders with regards to the challenges they face.

2. develop new approaches with them to:

    - clearly specify their individual challenges

    - incentivise suppliers, research organisations and other industry stakeholders to participate

    - generate stakeholder activity that delivers the innovative solutions required

3. provide a platform for water companies, their partners and key stakeholders to work on cross-industry challenges

4. provide a web based “information exchange” which supports the above.

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