WIF Partners go for “Deep Dive”

On the 26th March the inaugural round table workshop was held for WIF’s Water Company Partner and Industry Partner organisations.  The workshop identified and ranked opportunities for WIF Partners to work together to tackle the issues raised in a preceding morning seminar "Future Challenges for the Water Industry - what are we going to do about them?"  The panel of speakers for the seminar were handpicked from across the water industry to give different perspectives on the challenges facing the industry.  The presentations were then followed by an audience discussion on what was getting in the way of progress.

The afternoon WIF Round Table then utilised the output from the morning seminar as the focus for action.  Exclusive to WIF Water Company and Industry Partners, the WIF Round Table exists to promote collaboration across the water industry, particularly for the kind of challenges that individual organisations cannot solve alone. 

The first cross industry collaboration will involve three water companies, two major industry suppliers and the Environment Agency in developing a plan to work together on a ‘deep dive’ into the supply chain.

Peter Drake, CEO of the Water Industry Forum, who initiated the event said: ‘The morning seminar highlighted a lack of engagement by the water companies and their tier one partners with the lower tiers of the supply chain which, typically, tend to be the most innovative. A study, or ‘deep dive’ into one asset type was therefore decided upon and pumping stations were universally agreed to give us a perfect opportunity to analyse assets common to the water industry, the Environment Agency, local authorities and the private sector.”

The study is expected to lead to the surfacing of innovative products, services and ideas; improved definition of the ‘problem’ at the specification stage, common asset standards and improved capital delivery efficiency.’