WIF works with European Space Agency

Over the last six months WIF has been working closely with the International Space Innovation Centre and the TSB’s Satellite Application Catapult to identify areas of water industry operations that could benefit from the transfer and application of space technologies.

Under WIF's chairmanship, WIF Partners and other stakeholders from the UK water industry have met twice to identify and prioritise potential areas of application in "asset management" and "catchment management", with a third workshop planned around "flood management".

As a result of this work, six feasibility projects have now been identified and included in an Invitation to Tender (ITT) published by the European Space Agency on 10th June.

The objective of this IAP Feasibility Study "Water Availability - Improved Monitoring, Forecasting and Control of Water Availability, Quality and Distribution" is to assess the technical feasibility and commercial viability of the enhancement of services for water availability by integration of multiple space assets.

The six project outlines, together with other supporting information, can be found in the ESA ITT Statement of Work: Appendix B User Views, Interested Parties (UK).

A pdf copy of the Statement of Work is attached below:

ESA Water Availability statement of work.pdf

For more information about the ESA ITT "Water Availability" (Reference AO7563) go to: